Product Information

This page tells you about some of the products and processes used by Parker’s Valeting Service. If you have any questions then please ask.

Deep cleaning & dressing interior plastics
Interior plastics can get very grimy from mud scuffs from shoes to sweat from fingers on the controls. When deep cleaning interior plastics Parker’s Valeting Service uses a dedicated cleaner to agitate the grime which is then wiped off using a hot, damp mircofibre towel which is then rinsed off in a bucket of warm water. Once dry I then dress the interior plastics with a quality dressing that helps to protect against UV damage.

Guardian Wax
Guardian is a ”High Endurance Detailing Wax” designed to give the ultimate in wax protection for the bodywork of your vehicle offering protection that comfortably exceeds 6 months. It contains use the finest pharmaceutical grade waxes and natural oils ensuring sheeting, beading and durability.

Deep shampoo of upholstery
For the removal of grime and most stains from upholstery. This is done by wetting the upholstery with hot water containing a concentrated carpet and upholstery shampoo and then scrubbing to agitate the grime etc with a steam cleaner. The dirty water is then sucked up using a wet vac extraction system. This is repeated until as clean as possible.

Clay bar
If you run your hands over the bodywork of your car and it feels rough then this is what you need. Used with a special lubricant it safely removes fallout (e.g. iron filings from places like railways, industrial estates etc), over spray, tar, etc without marking paintwork.

Fabric hood clean & protection
Fabric hood can become very dirty and even start to leak if not looked after. They can get ingrained with greenery which is difficult to remove. P.V.S. use a special brush to aid the removal of stubborn dirt and greenery and then re-proof the hood. This process is very messy and we recommend you combine this with one of our exterior valets, eg the Wash & Dry valet.


Left: Before treatment. Centre: After treatment. Right: After rain