Below are the extra services to the valets  and details that Parker’s Valeting Service can offer. Some of them need to be added to other valets or details so please inquire when you get in touch.

**With regular valeting.
***I accept no responsibility for subsequent electrical or mechanical problems after any engine bay work.

Deep shampoo upholstery/leather cleaning & treat per seat/footwell – From £10 each (minimum of £20. In conjunction with an Interior)
For the removal of grime and most stains. Upholstery is cleaned using a steam cleaner and wet vac extraction system. Leather is cleaned using a pH neutral leather cleanser and conditioner that nourishes, protects and revitalises leather upholstery.

Deep clean headlining – From £15
Interior headlining is gently cleaned to remove dirt.

Fabric hood deep clean & protection (For heavily soiled hoods) – From £65 (2½ hrs)
Fabric hood protection only (For newer/regularly cleaned and maintained hoods) – £25
Fabric hoods can become very dirty and even start to leak if not looked after. They can get ingrained with greenery which is difficult to remove. P.V.S. remove as much of the stubborn dirt and greenery as possible and then re-proof the hood.
Note: One of the Exterior Valets is required with this service.

Air conditioning deodorisation – £15
A fogger is released inside the vehicle and recirculated through the air conditioning system. If the smell from the air con is really bad it may require a specialist. If this is the case we can recommend someone to you.

Engine bay dry or deep cleaned (your choice) & dressed*** – £25

Headlight restoration – £25 per light*
Over time headlight lenses can go hazy or even yellow. This effects the strength of the headlight beam and can result in MOT failure. Not only that it doesn’t look very nice. Headlight restoration involves removing the degradation, polishing and then adding  Angelwax Enigma – a ceramic wax that has significant self-cleaning properties, combined with outstanding gloss & durability of 12 months plus**. This can work out to be much cheaper than new headlights and if you get second-hand ones you could soon get the problem again. Not only that you’d have to get them fitted. I recommend that you wax your headlights to help prevent the problem occurring.

Vinyl sticker removal (may also require a machine polish) – £30/hr

Chip touch-up (customer supply paint touch-up stick) – £30/hr