Below (scroll down) are all the different details Parker’s Valeting Service provides. If you have any queries or would like to book a valet please call Mike on 07751 883056.

Key to prices:
£– = Standard Cars
£– = Large estates, Small M.P.Vs & 4x4s
£– = Large M.P.Vs & 4X4s
Vans, other – £30 per hour

•Times are approximate and may over run.
•Prices updated March 2021.

For more intense exterior or interior cleaning than the valets below please go to the Valets page

Extra Services
If you can’t see a service you require or would like to add a service to a detail, eg fabric roof deep clean and treat, then please go to the Extras page.

**With regular valeting.
***I accept no responsibility for subsequent electrical or mechanical problems after any engine bay work.

Please see terms & conditions before booking.

Interior Detail £160 £190 £220 6-8 hours
Ideal for the vehicle that requires a really deep interior clean
• Brush, airline & vacuum throughout
• Deep clean all interior plastics, pedals & rubber mats
• Interior plastics dressed with a satin, UV protectant dressing
• Interior glass cleaned
• Clean seat belts
• Steam, brush and deep shampoo upholstery, headlining & deep clean & condition leather
• Interior glass cleaned
• + Option to add deodorisation & sanitisation to remove germs & bad odours, e.g. mould, bacteria & dog/smoking smells – £30
Please note that you may be charged extra if your car’s interior is extremely soiled, eg excessive dog hair, mud, staining. I will discuss this with you before commencing work.

Exterior Enhancement – £160 £190 £220 6-8 hours
A high quality exterior detail with full paint decontamination, a light machine polish and ceramic wax applied. Ideal for cars with no scratches but need the lustre of the paint improving.
• Deep clean wheels, tyres & arches
• Pre-wash bodywork with snowfoam
• Deep clean & dress door, boot & fuel cap shuts
• Wash bodywork
• Tar spots removed
• Bodywork chemically & mechanically decontaminated
• Paint lightly machine polished to enhance shine
• Tyre walls dressed
• Rubber, plastic trim & wheel arches dressed with a satin, UV protectant dressing
• Paint waxed with Angelwax Enigma – a ceramic wax that has significant self-cleaning properties, combined with outstanding gloss & durability of 12 months plus** Note: ENIGMA QED will be used in future Exteriors for 12 months after ENIGMA WAX application
• Exterior glass cleaned
• Wheel faces waxed with a specialist wheel wax
• + Optional engine bay dry or deep cleaned (your choice) and dressed*** – £25

Exterior Detail – Stage 1 – £240 £285 £330 8-11 hrs
The same high quality exterior detail  as the Exterior Enhancement detail, but with a single stage machine paint correction. Ideal for cars with light scratches and swirls.

Exterior Detail – Stage 2 – £300 £360 £420 10-14 hrs
The same high quality exterior detail as the Exterior Enhancement detail, but with a two stage machine paint correction (a compound followed by a polish), to remove the majority/all of scratches/fading and improve the lustre of the paint.